does I-VEED work?

To search out, verify, and select child-victims who truly need financial support, with the help of trusted volunteers, local churches, mosques, traditional, cultural, and student associations.

To primarily support children in public secondary schools, which are normally more affordable than private schools, in order to provide equal opportunity to all children to have basic education.

To pay school fees for the selected children directly to the schools for proper accountability.

To provide school uniforms and materials for the children.

Selection Procedure

The management committee, made up of trusted Christians and Muslims, will select the children to support at the beginning of each school term, and to review the selection at the end of each year.

Fair representation and distribution of our support across different geographical locations, tribal, and religious groups will be considered.

The Board of Governors provide oversight function to the work of the management team.

Duration of Support

Each selected child will be supported for one year (three school terms), continuation of support in the next year subject to review of the child’s present circumstances and performance.

Though our support is primarily for secondary school level, few children who perform exceptionally excellent, but who cannot afford to pay for higher education, may be supported to continue, subject to availability of funds.


To provide yearly financial report to all donors.

To occasionally provide content accountability to all donors and supporters in form of progress reports and updates through emails and online platforms.