to Support I-VEED?

I-VEED is a registered charity (NGO) with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Federal Republic of Nigeria.


I-VEED appreciates donations directly into its jointly managed bank account: monthly, quarterly, yearly, occasionally, or one-off are all possible and appreciated.


Sponsorship (“Patenschaft”) of a child or a group of children is possible.

Moral Support

Prayers, advice, publicity, recommendations, visits, letters of encouragement to the child-victims and I-VEED team of volunteers, etc. are appreciated.

Estimated 30 Euros (c. 7,700 Nigerian Naira) can pay for a child’s school fees, uniform, books, and other learning materials in a public school for one term (3 months). 70 Euros (c. 26,950 Naira) can pay for all the school expenses for one year. However, these estimates are subject to the unstable exchange rate between Euro and Naira at the time of the transfer.

Donations are used 100% directly for the education of the affected children.

When donating, please provide us with full name and address for our records and accountability.

Bank Details & Contact


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Euro Account (International):

I-VEED Joint Account
Account Number: 2034832978
Beneficiary Institution: First Bank of Nigeria PLC, Lagos
Final Beneficiary: Initiative for Victims’ Educational and Economic Development

Naira Account (Nigeria):

Bank Name: First Bank of Nigeria PLC
Account Name: Initiative for Victims’ Educational and Economic Development
Account Number: 2034828825

When transferring any amount to I-VEED, please indicate the name/address of the donor in the relevant spaces for I-VEED’s internal records and accountability, except if you intend your donation to be completely anonymous.


No. 26, Staff Quarters
Theological College of Northern Nigeria (TCNN)
TCNN Street, Bukuru, 930281, Bukuru
Jos, Plateau State